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I am interested in distributed systems and concurrency, especially transactional memory, which was the topic of my doctoral dissertation. I am also really interested in programming language research and I am in the process of transitioning towards that.

I currently do research on the R language and its use of promises and laziness.

I like hamsters and bamboo swords and I seek difficult ways to solve simple problems.

Research (some of it)

pin Konrad Siek (advisor: Paweł T. Wojciechowski).
Distributed Pessimistic Transactional Memory: Algorithms and Properties (doctoral dissertation).
Faculty of Computing Science at Poznań University of Technology. Defended January 2017. [PDF]

Abstract: We use pessimistic DTM to make transactions with irrevocable side effects safe. We use early release to make pessimistic DTM outperform state-of-the-art optimistic DTM. We also introduce a safety property called last-use opacity that allows early release but gives strong guarantees.

pin Paweł Kobyliński, Konrad Siek, Jan Baranowski, Paweł T. Wojciechowski.
Helenos: A Realistic Benchmark for Distributed Transactional Memory.
Journal of Software: Practice and Experience. volume 48, issue 3. March 2018.Wiley]

Abstract: We introduce a parameterizable benchmark for distributed TM based on the Facebook inbox application described in the Cassandra paper (Lakshman, Malik 2010). We show an example evaluation of HyFlow2 and Atomic RMI.

pin Paweł T. Wojciechowski, Konrad Siek.
Having Your Cake and Eating it Too: Combining Strong and Eventual Consistency.

Abstract: We propose a distributed TM system that allows strongly and weakly consistent transactions to co-exist. Weak transactions execute twice: a strong and a weak version. The result of the strong one eventually overwrites the result of the weak one.


pin pin Post-doc research assistant
PRL-PRG at Czech Technical University in Prague

pin pin Post-doc research assistant/instructor (occasionally)
PRL at Northeastern

pin pin Research assistant (currently on sabbatical)
DSG at Poznań University of Technology